About QFS

QFS literal meaning is Quantum Financial System, which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system that comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed. Quantum Financial System would be a breakthrough in the world of banking which will lead to a new era of banking. QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.


The Global Currency Reset (GCR) and (NESARA GESARA) is upon us! Regulated ISO 20022 Cryptos like XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, IOTA, SHX backed by Gold and Silver, these will change the world and EXPLODE really soon. The central banks are using them now.


The XRP and XLM tokens are very necessary to HOLD at this point in time in regards to the fact that they are backed by SILVER and GOLD. The iso20022 tokens (XRP and XLM) are the only tokens that will survive the great reset and would emerge as the only means of financial activities in the QFS. So definitely the iso20022 tokens would perform every transaction processes.


The History of money is entering a new era, You might just wake up with no money. We might just wake up one day with no money. Convert all paper money into a digitally gold backed currency, We take you to that journey. Act Now Before it is too late, We walk you through into that journey.


A universal network that is developed to facilitate the transfer of asset-backed funds. An independent system that does not depend on the existing centralized system. Our System is designed to convert your assets into a digitally backed funds.

The gist of which is that soon, all banks all over the world are using QFS (QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM), exclusively. Confirmed by a variety of sources in many positions of authority, No more SWIFT allowed Period, No more discussion allowed. Any banks attempting to transfer money via SWIFT loses their ability to be in the banking/financial industry. The (White Hat) authorities are not fooling around. It’s all about putting a final nail in the coffin for “Money Laundering” and corrupt acts. When the population at large – and the bad actors involved in illegal activity, learn that the QFS is tracking the movement of money for 50 moves (and more), they will break out in more than a sweat. The desperation will have set in, leading to (potentially) desperate acts. Hence all the doom and gloom warning videos and discussions about EMF attacks/power failure/ blackouts, whatever the evil Cabal might entertain in retaliation, it’s possible, but not probable.


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